Sample Brush Stroke Pistachio Self Adhesive wallpaper


This wallpaper is self-adhesive, easy to install and to remove.

Made out of vinyl which has a smooth and opaque surface.

It can be placed on walls or on furniture.

Washable and water resistant.

Self-extinguishing on contact with fire.

Free of dangerous chemicals

Made in Europe

Colour : White background with pistachio brush strokes

Shipped within 3-5 days

Sample size 20x20cm

Free delivery for 1 sample.

(if you wish to receive more than 1 sample to the same address, then we require one order only, listing all the samples)

No returns accepted

Please note that there might be a minor variation in colour between a sample and a batch order as they aren't printed at the same time. Our self adhesive wallpapers are recommended for smooth walls or surfaces only.