Garland in Wool Felt - Teal Blue and Brown Squares


This garland in teal blue and brown wool felt will add a festive touch to your baby nursery or kid's room!

The large square measures approx 11.5cm x 9cm and the small square 7.5cm x 9 cm. They are made out of 100% wool felt, It's a natural fabric that is non-combustible, recycable, dirt and moisture repellent.

Each square is hung onto a beige cotton string around 4-5 mm thick.

There are 11 sqaures onto a 2m cord.

There will be around 50 cm of string on each side for hanging. 

Kindly note that in reality, the colour may be brighter or darker, depending on the resolution, settings and technical capabilities of your computer. If you wish to be 100% sure of the colours before ordering, please order samples first. You can find them here

Shipped within 7 days.